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Dear tourist professionnals, dear partners,

This space is yours and allows you to consult and download documents about the Tourist Office operations, but also to let us your comments and remarks. Also it allows you to relay modifications and news about your establishment.

In this space you will find practical informations, tools, surveys...

Since this space is also yours, do not hesitate to submit your ideas!

Become partner of the Intercommunal Tourist Office.

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Would you like to reinforce your attractiveness and enlist in a dynamic partnership with the Intercommunal Tourist Office of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges? Would you like to take advantage of our customers and our multi-channel tools?

We have the pleasure to present you our partnership offers to allow you a better visibility of your structure and thus attract new customers.

Host space.

You have a real property and you would like to propose it as a seasonal rental.

You would like to get a ranking or a label but you don't know what are the procedures .

You would like to develop a "Guestroom" activity.

Become partner of the Tourist Office, it is a QUALITY security for tourists, a guarantee of an accommodation which have been visited by our care.

Partnership Guide

Partnership Guide

Who are we ?

Our Tourist Office is a Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment which operates through the 74 communes of the Urban Community. In daily business, a team of reception agents welcomes you in 7 offices.

Our missions :

  • Welcoming and informing
  • Communicating
  • Promoting tourism in the region
  • Marketing the destination
  • Coordinating partners interventions in the community tourist development

The Tourist Office is administered by Executive Committee composed made up of 29 members named by the Community Council of the Urban Community: 15 elected holders and 15 elected deputies; 14 socio-professional holders and 14 socio-professional deputies.

The Executive Committee meets 5 to 6 times a year, fix the line of conduct by an annual project of activity and confirm the administrative and accounting procedures completed by the staff.


The Intercommunal Tourist Office of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges is ranked category II since 1st August 2016 and enlist in the Marque Qualité Tourisme.

Since January 2017, our Tourist Office is enlisted in a process in order to obtain the national label "Marque Qualité Tourisme".

In this context, we commit to take into account and deal with every complaint, remark and suggestion of our visitors.

To do so, reception agents propose satisfaction surveys, comment sheets and complaint sheets to our visitors. The complaint sheets are given as a last resort. This document allows a visitor to formalise his dissatisfaction and receive an answer from the concerned service.

As service provider, it is possible that you will receive through us a complaint sheet. We will ask you to answer it in order to help us to deal with this complaint objectively. We are the connection between the visitors and you.

In the context of the "Marque Qualité Tourisme" the Tourist Office put in place a Groupe de Travail Local (GTL) twice a year in order to analyse the satisfaction datas of our visitors on the tourist destination. It aims to improve our tourist reception: bring and bring back.


What is the Marque QUALITÉ TOURISME™?

The Marque Qualité TOURISME™, created by the department in charge of the tourism in France, is the recognition of the continuous improvement processes of the quality of services organised by the Tourist Offices. An audit is realised every 3 years. The Marque Qualité TOURISME™ associates the quality processes from different sectors of the tourism in France: hospitality, tourist residences, holiday resorts, campsites, food service, coffee shops and brasseries, Tourist Offices, seasonal rental agencies, place to visit and activities surrounded by nature. It is a guarantee of confidence and a quality of service between professionals and visitors.